Work to Recover was founded in 2015 by Jessica Marchant, a London based recruiter. Jess had noticed sharply increasing numbers of people seeking her advice with regard to getting back into work after mental illness, and she had become increasingly worried by the lack of structured support available.

Work to Recover was designed to address that need. Launched as a tiny privately funded initiative, Work to Recover allowed Jess and her colleagues to offer swift, high quality and intensly practical help to those who needed it. Over the past four years, it has grown to encompass a network of committed volunteer mentors who tirelessly dedicate themselves to helping other people back into fulfilling, sustainable and enjoyable work after experiencing mental illness. 

Jess leads the WTR group programme, and provides ongoing, individual coaching on a 1:1 basis to programme participants past and present.

All of Work to Recover's services are, and will always remain, totally free of charge for the people we help. This is made possible by a number of amazing London businesses who support us in our work by offering resources, mentors, and a safe place for our participants to ease back into work through work placements.


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